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We have to admit that we all receive expected and unexpected overseas calls. Because of this, you need to determine the exact international codes they use.

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We want to remind you that we do not assure the accuracy, dependability and readability of the existing information during actual visits. Nonetheless, we only share and publish information with real value for the benefits of all users.
    "Same clown calls daily saying I have won a grand and dandy Cruise. Probably to Iraq or Iran per this moron. Blocked call 10 times In 2 weeks and it has not slowed this retard down any on dialing my private Cell #"
    Sent by: Jojo
    Sent by: john
    "This caller hangs up when phone is answered."
    Sent by: Reeves
    "this guy is running multiple scams. Don't trust what he says."
    Sent by: rey vargas
    "This guy is a maintenance man. He is known to quote you one price over the phone, then after he does the work he tacks on additional out-rageous charges for little things that don't cost that much. I hired him a couple of years ago for a plumbing repair of a shower faucet, and wouldn't you know it, I ended up with him again by chance to fix an outdoor faucet leak by just looking through the want-ads. After he left we noticed that there was still a leak from a second faucet he supposedly fixed. We called him back but he never called or returned after leaving him a message. Can't trust this guy! Don't hire him!"
    Sent by: anonymous
    "Looking for person name"
    Sent by: Terry C King
    "Persons name"
    Sent by: Terry C King
    "This phone number keeps calling me."
    Sent by: Lisa Burts
    "I do not pick up and they do not leave a message. I blocked number"
    Sent by: tgq
    "Calls and does not leave a message. I do not pickup. Blocked number."
    Sent by: tgq
    "must be people working for the state of iowa that steal your ID because of the Governor of iowa privatizing every thing in the state of iowa and letting them steal people that life in the state ID's. Brandstad does not care for the people he only cares to save the state money, he does not care about the the people only saving the stae money at the expence of the people.having to pay thousands to fix what he started mine was with TMS they stole my id in iowa sent it to florida and they sent the checks back . then someone that worked for them got a cell phone with my id they tried others but my credit would not let them brandstad owes me thousands for messing up my life at his expence
    Sent by: tms of iowa stole my id
    "did not answer nothing comes up about this number, could be the governor of the state of iowas privatized people that he hired tring to steal peoples ID like TMS did mine and the governor brandstad does not care .as long as he saves the state money .the people donot care
    Sent by: tms of iowa stole my id
    12317 W BERRY LN , EL MIRAGE , AZ 85335 County: MARICOPA Phone: (623) 934-0607 "
    Sent by: B
    "Caller left a message, said they were from Mega Lottery Millions Sweepstakes, claiming my father and won, needed to send money via carrier to claim Sweepstakes winnings. SCAM! Called twice in the past 2 weeks. Number and area code now block. Not that it will any good. "
    Sent by: Joseph B
    "Spam call about some home security giveaway, Jenks number."
    Sent by: Jordan
    "ver mensajes"
    Sent by: Xiomara
    "954 625 0209"
    Sent by: Xiomara
    Sent by: James
    "who is this"
    Sent by: shane may
    "Wouldn't say who they are or what they were calling about"
    Sent by: Caulern
    "Received a call from this number at 9:27AM. There is absolutely not reason a helicopter service from ORegon would be call me. Suspect the number has been "spoofed" by a scam artist. Been receiving numerous unsolicited calls from scammers using robo calling. Robo calls need to be stopped."
    Sent by: Frustrated
    Sent by: Debra Joye
    "Spam trying to say we had a hard time paying our veterans loan I am not a veteran I dont have a loan and he knew my name, he called 3 times in one day."
    Sent by: Ken
    "SCAM texted me: "Khristina Deposit 255.36 chk into your bank as early as this week? txt sure""
    Sent by: SickOfSpam
    "Phone rang a few times. Hung up. No message. Caller id said robert Hanfland."
    Sent by: fedup
    "They said I had a bill in collections. The bill in question is from 2012 and was paid in 2013. They called in 2017. "
    Sent by: JC
    "Scam artist"
    Sent by: joe joe
    "Scam artist."
    Sent by: joe joe
    "This number wanted me to take a survey for $100,000. I said no, and they hung up."
    Sent by: CAJ
    "unknown who it is."
    Sent by: lori
    "caller said that she was with visa/mastercard merchant and looking for representative in my area. when i called back, i got a disconnected message"
    Sent by: Anonymous
    "Spam/Scam. Intended to make you think your auto insurance is canceled and tries to get you to get "insurance" with them."
    Sent by: Phillip
    "They called me a bunch of times and I didn't answer cause I didn't know the phone number. Finally decided to answer and as soon they confined it was me they wanted they hung up. Jerks"
    Sent by: Anonymous
    Sent by: Tom
    "Congratulations business owners.... I pressed 1 and a lady answered with a Hello. I told her to stop with the scams and I have reported her. Problem is this call has come into our business under different numbers. Ugh. What point is the do not call list if they still call."
    Sent by: Corrine
    Sent by: Siddharth
    "This number (951) 990-0583 terrorist caller report this caller he is dangerous. Location Paladona Ln Riverside, California. Our family promptly reported this to our phone company to have the number immediately blocked."
    Sent by: R-Side
    "Spamming filth violates the FCC Do Not Call List. Do NOT pickup"
    Sent by: Jane
    "Vacation resort call...SPAM with annoying lady who drops headset. Got same call on my cell phone . FAIL!"
    Sent by: Donald
    "Vacation resort call. "
    Sent by: Kat
    "vacation resort call "
    Sent by: Anon
    "Scam company who.wont tell me who they are trying to tell me I owe money I already paid years ago "
    Sent by: Lisa
    "Scam company trying to collect money that was already paid to a certain company . They won't tell me who they are "
    Sent by: Lisa
    Sent by: sachin
    "Repeated spam calling, twice a day, every day. Really effing annoying...but not anymore. BLOCKED."
    Sent by: Anonymous
    "asked for my name and ethnicity and then hung up. i called him back but got disconnected message from verizon."
    Sent by: anonymous

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