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Right before using this type of service, there are important factors to consider before you proceed. First is to consider the exact device that the caller is using, which can be a mobile or landline phone. Secondly, what city or state is the call originates and thirdly, is the number a registered subscriber or not.

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If you always experience disappointing calls that originate from different unknown phone numbers, you must identify the exact person who contacts you repeatedly. It does not matter if this person is an ordinary citizen or not, it is best to stop him/her from making strange calls!

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We have to admit that we all receive expected and unexpected overseas calls. Because of this, you need to determine the exact international codes they use.

For example, a caller from the United States using the area code 001 is easier to trace because you have the lead already. By simply typing the area code and following the 10-digit numbers, it is easier to reveal the exact information about the caller.

Exact format: dial 001 followed by 612-203-XXXX, then instantly connect

Effectiveness of Reverse Phone Number Lookup

A dependable service provider like (website.com) has connections with a legitimate agency that controls the different area codes in various American territories. When talking about users of mobile phones, an updated system quickly generates the exact area codes based on the geographical location of the actual callers.

All mobile and landline phones have Local Number Portability (LNP).

We want to remind you that we do not assure the accuracy, dependability and readability of the existing information during actual visits. Nonetheless, we only share and publish information with real value for the benefits of all users.
    "Received a bizarre group text message addressed to 10 numbers that start with 714-305-0XXX. 714-305-0812 wrote, "I'm not stupid mother fucker try some other dumb ass""
    Sent by: Confused
    "Recorded voice saying: This matter is urgent call back now or good luck with the legal trouble your in.

    Sent by: Bill C
    "who calls
    Sent by: Bruce Jagenburg
    "Not Spam. Good number"
    Sent by: Owner
    "I'm with Jim, already have received 2 calls today."
    Sent by: Betty
    "Called, asked for first and last name"
    Sent by: Dee Bee
    "Called, asked for my last first and last name?"
    Sent by: DB
    "IRS phone scam said they were IRS WIKL GO TO JAIL IF PAYMENT NOT MADE "
    Sent by: David
    Sent by: Rick
    "Recorded voice saying: This matter is urgent call back now or good luck with the legal trouble your in.
    Reply This number is linked to 410-885-0788
    Sent by: Richard P
    "Recorded voice saying: This matter is urgent call back now or good luck with the legal trouble your in.
    Sent by: Richard P
    "Recorded voice saying: This matter is urgent call back now or good luck with the legal trouble your in. "
    Sent by: Robert W
    Sent by: Mike
    "Plz this number verification"
    Sent by: Khan saab
    "Heavy breathing. Someone screaming in background. WTF?"
    Sent by: Scared
    "Search "
    Sent by: S.Randell
    "Find out if this person is on Facebook "
    Sent by: S.Randell
    "Find out if this is a male or female"
    Sent by: S.Randell
    "SCAM TEXT MESSAGE as follows (Do NOT call them!):
    Customer Service
    Alert Please Urgent
    Dial: 3172820748"
    Sent by: SmarterThanTheAverageScammer
    "got a call no one answered
    called back number is disconnected... spam from unknown caller"
    Sent by: callee
    "Wants you to know that he has a cashiers check for you"
    Sent by: Helpful recipient
    "Jason Ayers is a serial chester ladies. Beware. Everything that comes out of this man's mouth is a lie. If something seems off, that's because it is. He dates multiple women at once, lies about everything, and is living a double life. You can't believe anything this man says or does. He will shower you with compliments and false promises. And SN: his phone is always face down. Hmmm wonder why?? He has scammed countless numbers of women. Please do yourself the favor and get out of this while you can. His IG is chocgod98."
    Sent by: Annonymous
    "I think this guy took me on a stud fee on a horse in Texas. Becareful "
    Sent by: Quinsiddoway
    Sent by: Bell
    "I would
    like to no who this number belongs r l"
    Sent by: Tracy hill
    "this number keeps calling my phone"
    Sent by: Tracy hill
    "Wants to purchase merchandise you have For Sale on Craiglist by mailing you fraudulent M.O.'s or Cashier's Checks! BEWARE!!!"
    Sent by: Douglas
    "Wants to scam people with fraudulent Cashiers checks and.or Money Orders with something you may be selling on Craigslist. BEWARE!!! "
    Sent by: Douglas
    "got a text from this number offering me a job at 39 hours a week i did not apply for a job."
    Sent by: cc
    "used by CL whore"
    Sent by: Heywood
    "this is a scam do not respond"
    Sent by: danny
    "BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!"
    Sent by: BEWARE Of This SCAM Caller !!
    "Don't know who this is getting calls early in the morning"
    Sent by: Christina
    "Need u know"
    Sent by: Naughty
    "Caller claimed they were with BOA and that my credit card activity was suspicious, with someone trying to charge $600 at Western Union. When they wanted personal info to verify the account I questioned the local telephone number and they said they'd call back...."
    Sent by: Jerald B
    Sent by: nunya
    "Getting strange calls from this number."
    Sent by: Michael
    "They will ask for you to install a "software" (its a virus) they will say the refunding you money, don't download the software but i think its kinda funny to mess with them by wasting there time just say your doing what there telling you to do i got a good laugh out of it i hope you found helpful"
    Sent by: Noah
    "Calls numerous times through out the day starting at 8am every day. Never leaves a voice mail. Very annoying!! I tried to call back it is some sort of credit service. Please stop calling me."
    Sent by: Kim
    "Left message regarding outstanding student loans. I have never had a student loan."
    Sent by: annoyed
    Sent by: Bill
    "Called both of MY cell phones ..came up as unknown so no one I am familiar with. Scam ...Vandals searching to break in ..Claims to be a diabled vet"
    Sent by: Sandy
    "Phishing to see if individuals are home .. BEWARE"
    Sent by: Joe
    "Harassing and Rude then Loudly starts a recording in your ear..."
    Sent by: Chris
    "A recording that states we have vision benefits and to hold for assistance. "
    Sent by: Lee
    "Blowing up my phone"
    Sent by: Donald Breazeale

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